Shipping Container Stacking Cones

  • £115.00 +VAT

A twist lock or stacking cone is used to lock two or more containers together when stacked on top of each other. Cost includes P&P.

A twistlock and a container corner casting together form a standardised rotating connector for securing shipping containers either together or by container ship or truck. The twistlock is inserted through the oval hole of a shipping container ISO corner casting, the top part is then rotated 90* so that it cannot be withdrawn. We will deliver the twistlocks to you for you to fit. 

Set of 4 Twistlocks. Cost includes P&P.

Image provided is by way of example only. Please contact us for a more accurate image.

They have the following features:

  • Secures shipping containers together safely when shipping.
  • Provides extra security when stacked shipping containers

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